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Running Boards (fits 1930 & 1931 – V16 – 452, 452A) price per pair




These running boards are EXACT duplicates of the originals. All metal parts are hard tooled and die struck, as were the originals boards, and welded using precision welding location fixtures. All pierced holes are in the precise locations to bolt up to your trim components. The modern, automotive primer finish on the boards is black Epoxy E-coat, over a Zinc Phosphate substrate, and covers 100% of all metal surfaces, even the undersides of surfaces inaccessible by spray techniques.

Cadillac MPL Part Numbers:
Running board, RIGHT Group No. 10.1195, PN 1090110
Running board, LEFT Group No. 10.1195, PN 1090111

Ships commercial carrier in sturdy protective, wooden crates.
Freight charges will be calculated separately
Shipping size: 5.5” X 13.0” X 65.0”
Shipping weight: 90 lbs.